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deliver me from STUFF

Addendum: Jesus God, what a frelling pain in the eema this move is going to be. I've begun getting rid of all the crap that's not making the trip, all the STUFF that I'm sick of hauling about with me. Best example: the goddamned comics. I just frelled my back pulling three 8"x29" boxes of comics out of closets where they've been sitting, untouched, since we moved in here two years ago. I put one on the scale. They weigh 40lbs. each! And there's still two more smaller boxes in the back of my office, two beneath mine and Spooky's bed, and literally hundreds of unbagged, unboxed comics stacked about. Most of these I bought back in the early and mid-nineties, or I received them gratis from DC/Vertigo. 90% of them I know I'll never, ever read again. Ergo, it is nonsensical to keep schlepping them about like this. So, out they will go, most of them. The question is, where to? I can't bring myself to just dump them in the trash. That's horrible. There's the Salvation Army and suchlike. I thought of leaving them on the doorstep of a local comic shop with a bottle of formula and a note which reads, "Please give us a good home."

That, kiddos, is what we writerly types call a "cautionary tale."

Spooky and I were both very impressed with the premiere episode of Huff on Showtime last night. It seems, post Farscape, post Buffy, good original television fiction is pretty much relegated to Showtime and HBO (and yes, I've seen Lost).

Also, with much regret I must announce that I have not had anywhere near the time to make the Endless charm bracelet I'd planned on making for the CBLDF benefit auction at Fiddler's Green. So, now I'm scambling trying to come up with something else for the auction.

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