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Addendum: A curious bit of news regarding the Mars rover Opportunity. I'm very glad that Opportunity is still going. I like knowing it's out there, mysterious power-ups and all. One of the Great Tragedies of my life (trust me, we all have many) is that I was born a couple or three generations too early to have any realistic chance of ever setting foot on Mars. Some future, alternate me in some other worldline, I shall hope, will be (or has been) a Martian geologist, prospecting for fossils and other signs of life, past and present, in the spectacluar canyons and craters of Barsoom. Perhaps our consciousnesses will even brush in this and/or that dreamspace.

Paula Guran (Dark Echo newsletter) has written very fine reviews of both Murder of Angels and The Dry Salvages, which will appear in the next issue of Cemetery Dance magazine (not the one on the stands now, but the next one up). Thank you, Paula. She's one of the critics who have begun using the phrase "Kiernanian," and I admit it feels odd to have become an adjective. Oh, and she has proclaimed me the "Queen of Weird." I assume she means "weird" as in the fiction of Blackwood and Lovecraft, but it works either way. Regardless, I'm flattered.

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