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"There's a tiny little window..."

Hurricane Earl has come and gone. We braced ourselves for a Category 3 or 4 hurricane. We got a low-grade tropical storm, and only a tiny bit of rain, and virtually no wind at all. So, we have candles and jugs of water and cans of nonperishable meat stuff, which we'll consume, by and by. I am assuming this odd feeling I have is relief, and not disappointment, after all that build up. I genuinely was a little scared this time. Down around Florida and the Carolina's, that bastard looked like a monster.

So, yeah. We're fine, except I have a headache. But that's neither here nor there.

Yesterday, as we were realizing there would be no hurricane, and I'd discovered that I could upgrade my iMac's OS to 10.6.3 without putting out $169 (thank you seismickitten and the Cult of Mac website for setting me straight) for the software bundle I didn't want or need and could not afford, we made a trip to the Providence Place Mall, which we tend to avoid at all cost. But that's where the Apple Store is, so that's where we went. I got Snow Leopard, and we also picked up a copy of Kristen Hersh's book, Rat Girl, at Borders. I came home and spent hours updating. Well, an hour or two.

College Hill was pretty below the clouds, in the drizzle. Today, I think we're going to Narragansett to watch the surfers.

About the closest I got to actually writing was suddenly discovering how I think The Dinosaurs of Mars should be structured (which really is no small breakthrough).

Spooky made pasta and sausages for dinner (the sausages were chicken with spinach and feta). But it was really too hot to enjoy eating in the kitchen, or in any other room. The House was still in the 90sF well into the night, though the temp Outside was in the high 70s. It finally cooled off in here this morning.

I would like to end this entry by saying I have not fallen for another MMORPG. But that's not the case. Last night, I tried out the trial version of City of Heroes and Villains: Going Rogue. On the one hand, the game design's not even halfway intuitive, it lacks WoW's eye-candy appeal, and the controls are clunky and excessively complex. But only the other, character design is extraordinary, it's more amenable to rp than WoW, and it's just kind of cool in a ridiculous, campy, oh-look-I'm-a-supervillian way. And I have ice powers. And hurt people. How can that not be fun?
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