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Stay away from the future...

It's inevitable that some days I having nothing much about which to blog. This would be one of those days. I need to be working on Daughter of Hounds. It's not often that I feel like I need to be writing, but I do now, and there's just so damn much confusion and flux around here that it can't happen. Spooky and I may find time to read through the prologue this afternoon, maybe. I hope I can keep my head in the right place.

My feet are cold.

I suppose I could devise a meme. Send it out there to replicate and sew little language-virus seeds. A year from now, I'll see it on someone's blog and smile. Our children have truly succeeded when no one remembers who their parents were. Past tense, were. Forgetting undoes, until someone remembers again. Or discovers, which is remembering. I hate the phrase "rediscover." Nothing is ever rediscovered. Every discovery is a prime event. I'm drifting.

Only six days left until I leave for Minneapolis (if you count today). I haven't flown since November 1998. I swore I'd never fly again.

Another subpress update: Yesterday, Bill Schafer and I decided to cancel the Alabaster chapbook. It just didn't seem right to ask people to pay for the chapbook one year before the release of the Dancy collection, which would contain "Alabaster" and Ted's illos for it. Instead, the story will be serialized in three parts in the subpress newsletter, then reprinted in the (still unnnamed) Dancy collection. If you want to get on the mailing list for the newsletter, all you gotta do is follow this link.

I'm just not in a meme sort of mood. Maybe later.

I'm still digging BloodRayne 2. Last night, I climbed and then destroyed this great tower/factory/slaughterhouse thingy that was busy grinding bums and prostitutes into a red haze to block the sun, allowing vampires to roam about in the daylight. However, turns out, destroying the machine didn't destroy the haze after all, and now the Vampire Apocalypse has reduced the world to smoking rubble infested with all sorts of nasty demons. This must be where the game gets really interesting. I appreciate that Rayne's motivation is much more about her hatred of vampires and getting even with her vampiric father, Kagan, than saving all those puny humans. I've been getting increasingly annoyed at the importance of martyrdom to videogames. I'm sick of saving whining, helpless hordes that can't be bothered to save themselves. Heroism has to have a deeper meaning than kicking the bad guy's ass while everyone else hides somewhere safe. Didn't we learn that from High Noon?

Stay away from the future,
Back away from the light.
It's all deranged...

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