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Howard Hughes and the Last Monday in July

This morning, neither the dodo nor the platypus nor the mothmen are especially happy with me.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,246 words on Part One of "The Yellow Alphabet." As was the case with both "The Black Alphabet" and "The Crimson Alphabet," it will appear in two installments, the first half in Sirenia Digest #56, and the second half in Sirenia Digest #57. Yesterday, I wrote A-D. Today, it will be E-G. Aside from Part One of "The Yellow Alphabet," Sirenia Digest #56 will also include the discarded prologue to the now entirely transmuted The Wolf Who Cried Girl. Which is to say, the prologue to a book that will now never be written. There might be something else in July issue, some surprise or another. I hope to have the issue out to subscribers on the 30th.
Tags: sirenia, the black alphabet, the crimson alphabet, the wolf who cried girl, the yellow alphabet, unhappy minions

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