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Confessions of an Uncouth Beast

It's already 78F in the House. Outside, it's 82F. The high for today is forecast at 88F, so we can expect the House to warm to the high eighties. There's work that needs doing, but we may flee to some place cool today.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my doctor. It went well. I was released on my own recognizance. Or something like that. No long-term effects from Bonkus on the Konkus. But it did sort of eat up the day, the doctor's appointment.

Afterwards, we went to Gallery Night at the RISD Museum, to see a documentary about Alice Neel. I've always admired Neel for pursuing portraiture in an age when representative art was deemed irrelevant, when everyone was chasing after Abstract Expressionism, when it was claimed the camera had "freed" the painter from the "tyranny of realism." Last night was also the opening of the the Art League of Rhode Island's 10th Anniversary Show at RISD, and there were some excellent pieces on display by local artists. I was also taken with the two pieces that comprise Tristin Lowe's "Under the Influence" exhibition, Lunacy and Visither 1.

We left the Museum to discover it had rained. Fortunately, we'd remembered to close all the windows in the House before leaving. Benefit Street was dark and cool, the brick sidewalks damp, the night smelling damply of summer. We followed yellow pools of streetlight past the Athenaeum.

I was suffering from my second night of insomnia, and the whole day is a bit blurry about the edges. But last night I slept, and I'm much better today. Late last night, Spooky began reading me Angela Carter's Wise Children (1991).

There are photos from last night:

Lunacy by Tristin Lowe (felt sewn over PVC vinyl inflatable armature, 12.5' in diameter; 2010), lit by Lowe's Visither 1 (neon sculpture).

Replacement Part by Ian Silvia (2010)

All photographs Copyright © 2010 by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Kathryn A. Pollnac


On June 15th, Jim Quon ("Scarbuck"), the leader of our WoW guild ("Knights of Good"), suffered a massive and unexpected stroke. He is currently in a coma, in critical condition, at Los Alamitos Medical Center. Like so many of us, Jim has no health insurance, and members of the guild have begun taking donations to help out with the thousands of dollars per day that Jim's treatment is costing his family. Towards that end, I'll be listing a copy of the third edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder (Subterranean Press, 2008) on eBay. Spooky is also doing a painting, also to be auctioned. All proceeds from both auctions will go to help with Jim's hospital bill. I'll post an announcement when the auctions start, and we ask that you please bid, if you are able. Thanks. Also, a Facebook page has been set up, with information on how to donate directly via PayPal.
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