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Subject lines are for the faint of heart.

Another cloudy day here in Providence. If we're lucky, the temperature will reach 72F.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,486 words and found THE END of "The Maltese Unicorn," which, ironically, meant finding my way back to the beginning. I think I like what I've done. Today we're going to read it start to finish for the first time. This is the longest story I've written since...I'm not sure. It might be the longest short story I've written since coming to Rhode Island, which is a bit weird. I blame all the damn plot. And it seemed to take forever. I began writing it on May 27th, and fifteen days were spent on the actual writing. I won't be doing that again anytime soon. Sadly, I simply have too much to write— if I want to keep up with deadlines and keep bills paid —to spend that much time on any one short story.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions, and thanks.

After the writing, while Spooky went out to the market and to return DVDs and to pick up burgers from Stanley's, I watched an episode of American Experience about the Civilian Conservation Corps. My maternal grandfather, Gordon M. Ramey, was in the CCC, but I'm not sure when or for how long. He was born in 1911 (died in 1977), so would have been about twenty-two when Roosevelt formed the CCC in 1933. I know that part of his time in the CCC was spent working in Cleburne County, Alabama. There were 49 CCC camps in the state. Anyway, I'm thinking about submitting a request for his CCC service records.

I read two articles in the May 2010 Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, "Allodaposuchus Nopsca, 1928 (Crocodylia, Eusuchia), from the Late Cretaceous of southern France and its relationships to the Alligatoroidea" and "Pachycephalosauridae from the San Carlos and Aguja Formations (Upper Cretaceous) of West Texas, and observations of the frontoparietal dome."

Later, we played a bit of WoW, to get our gnomes up to Level 27. But I was so exhausted, I kept getting the giggles. Finally, mean into it with Marshal Haggard at the Eastvale Logging Camp. When Klaus said, "Watch it, Marshal. I'll poke your other eye out," I started laughing and was in tears before I could stop. I took that as a sign I was too wasted to even play WoW. So we retreated to the bedroom and watched two more episodes from Season Five of Deadliest Catch. And that was yesterday, for the most part.

Tomorrow, I go to Boston to do the things I was going to do on my birthday. And here's a photo from Wednesday, me with two of Spooky's paintings, the two she just sold, and I think this is the first photo of me in my pajamas since 2004:

Photograph Copyright © 2010 by Kathryn A. Pollnac

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