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Howard Hughes and the Wayback Machine

This needs to be short. A cloudy day here in Providence, the threat of storms all about us. The temperature is only 78F at the moment, but 82F in the house.

Yesterday, I only managed to write 758 words on "The Maltese Unicorn," but I did make a new beginning that is much better suited to the needs of the story than the original beginning (which would have worked great for a 30k-word novella, but not a 10k-word short story). Today, I work on the first few paragraphs of the next section, rewriting, trying to infuse the preexisting text with something more in the way of set up for the story. When I'm done with that, if I'm not too tired, I'll got back to where I left off on Thursday, that place where the story actually moves forward towards the end. Yesterday, Spooky remarked how very strange it is to see me working this way, the rewriting, and I said yeah, it feels strange.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. There are copies of two chapbooks, The Worm in My Mind's Eye (2004) and False Starts (2005). There's also a mobile kit that DC/Vertigo used to promote The Dreaming. These are very rare, and this one is in mint condition, unassembled, still in it's original wrapping. I think it was produced in 1996. I was given several of them in 1997. Anyway, yes, please do have a look. Most of the proceeds from the current (and next round) of auctions will be going to offset the expenses I'm going to incur attending Readercon 21 next month. Thanks.

After the writing yesterday, I read a couple of the essays in Testament: The Life and Work of Frank Frazetta. After dinner, we watched two very good films, Michael Haneke's La pianiste (2001) and Nikolai Müllerschön's Der rote Baron (2008).

Anyway, gotta go; there's a platypus with my name on it.
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