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Kazuo Ohno has died at age 103.

One of the many positive benefits of the new meds has been the almost complete vanquishing of my insomnia. The last few weeks, I've slept better than I have, probably, at any time in the last decade. But every now and then I still have a bad night. Like last night. I finally took an Ambien sometime around four and got to sleep, but Sméagol insisted we get up sometime around ten or ten-thirty, so there you go. Maybe six hours, and the damned Ambien is still in my system.

Yesterday, I did 1,001 words on "The Maltese Unicorn." I begin to obsess about whether or not I've begun this story in the wrong place. As it is, I know it's changed a great deal since I got serious about writing it back on May 8th. It's less about demon brothels, and more about two characters who are not whores, but do the bidding of one of the two Manhattan demon brothels. Oh, the mystical dildo of the title is still there. It's just the story's focus isn't what I'd thought it would be.

I sent my very long bio to Readercon 21 (they want them very long).

You can now read the interview I recently gave Clarkesworld Magazine, my first since the barrage of interviews I did last fall, after the release of The Red Tree.

I've agreed to allow my Tiptree-honored story "Galápagos" (from Eclipse 3) to be podcast by the Hugo-nominated StarShipSofa. Don't yet know when it will go up. I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday, while I was writing, a package arrived from S.T. Joshi, and it turned out to be my contributor's copy of Dark Wings: Tales of Lovecraftian Horror (PS Publishing, 2010), which reprints my story, "Pickman's Other Model." It's a truly beautiful book. Looks like the signed limited has already sold out, but there are still copies of the trade hardcover available. When I was done writing, I sat down and read "Pickman's Other Model." I virtually never read my own stuff once it's published (unless I'm reading it for the purposes of editing before a reprint). Two years after I wrote it, "Pickman's Other Model" still holds up very well.

Speaking of books being sold out, it's too late to get the limited edition of The Ammonite Violin & Others, but you can still order the trade hardback.

Please check out the latest round of eBay auctions, which includes one of the ultra-rare Dreaming mobiles.


Last night we went on a Angela Bettis/Lucky McKee binge. Spooky and I both adore May (2002), so it seemed like a good idea. We began with Tim Rutili's All My Friends Are Funeral Singers (2009), which turned out to be a sweetly creepy film, the trials and tribulations of a spiritual medium (Bettis) who lives in a house full of trapped souls. Highly recommended. We followed it with McKee's episode of the Masters of Horror series. I went in with great trepidation, as I've loathed everything from the series I've seen (which is most of it). However, McKee's contribution, "Sick Girl" (2005), proves to be the one good apple in the barrel. Two lesbians and a parasitic insect. McKee describes it as "...sort of a 30’s/40’s romantic comedy (that you NEVER could have made at that time, I might add!) that degrades into a 50’s bug movie." A very apt description. After "Sick Girl," we watched McKee's The Woods (2005), a wonderful sort of homage to the scary pagan movies of the sixties and seventies. McKee gets pretty much everything right, and Bettis lends a spooky voice-over, plus you get Bruce Campbell, and I fucking swear I'd not seen this film before I began work on The Red Tree. So, yes, a good movie night.

Hang on, platypus. I'm on my way.
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