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"A test to bring my world apart."

Here in Providence, the heat wave has broken. The misery of yesterday is ended, and it's a cool 67F Outside at the moment. In the House, it's only 76F. Yesterday, at the height of the heat, the temperature reached 96F (never mind the heat index).

Not sure I can write a coherent account of the past two days. And there's probably not much point in trying. The birthday trip to Boston that we were supposed to make yesterday had to be shelved after the car's transmission blew on Sunday. We didn't get it into the shop until Monday. I'm hoping to make it to Boston next week.

As birthdays go, the first three quarters of yesterday were a disaster of such epic and unlikely proportions that it verged on comedy. Because the car was in the shop, and we were waiting on the call to pick it up, we were trapped here in the sweltering House. Not that we could have walked to any place cool. I'm on three meds right now that increase my sensitivity to heat. I spent a chunk of yesterday lying on the floor of the middle parlour, ever so slightly delirious. Muñoz was blowing full tilt right behind me, but the air refused to get any cooler. Finally, the call from the garage came sometime after 3:30 p.m., and Spooky walked the four blocks beneath the shade of her Badtz Maru umbrella. We left the house...and well, I don't know. More stupid crap happened. Recounting yesterday is just a senseless waste of time. But we finally got pizza from Fellini's and headed home. And it was a good pizza, though I think we were both a bit too woozy to eat.

My thanks to everyone who wished me well yesterday. It seems as though there were a couple hundred of you, mostly via Facebook. Also, special thanks to Steven Lubold, whose truly (truly) awesome birthday package reached me yesterday (perfect timing). And now that day is over, and here I go again.

A quick review of everything I've watched the last couple of days. Too much watching, I think. On Tuesday, we watched the series finale of Lost., admittedly, all I'd seen is part of the first episode, way back when the series started. I hated the show instantly, and never tuned back in. But what with all the hullabaloo, curiosity got the better of me, and I watched the finale. And I understood it just fine, so I'm not sure of the source of all this grousing about it not "making sense." I even checked afterwards with some online articles to be sure I'd understood. That said, it was just as bad, and in all the same ways, that I recall the first episode being bad, and I can't begin to fathom the show's popularity. There was no chemistry between the actors. The script was lousy. As in the hokey sort of lousy. The SFX were lackluster. My take on the last episode was Gilligan's Island meets Land of the Lost. Later on we watched J.J. Abrams' Star Trek for the fourth time, as an antidote to the lingering aftertaste of Lost.

The night before that— Monday night —we watched Mira Nair's Amelia (2009). I liked it a great deal. Hilary Swank was spot on. Then, jumping ahead to last night, we started off with the latest episode of Glee, the Gaga/Kiss episode, and I have to say that it's truly my favorite so far. The show just keeps getting better. But we followed it with Chris Fisher's S. Darko (2009). It's not a bad movie, though nowhere near as eloquent as Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko (2001). Yeah, I see what the studio was hoping for. A franchise. But all movies are not fodder for franchises. Donnie Darko certainly wasn't. In the end, S. Darko does nothing at all that wasn't done far better by its predecessor. And again, though it's not a bad film (on its own merits), it's an utterly unnecessary film, and I have to feel that it somehow cheapens Donnie Darko. Anyway, afterwards, we watched the new episode of Glee again, because it was that good.

So yeah. Heat. Thwarted birthday plans. Car trouble And lots of watching.

And all the stuff I'm forgetting.
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