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"I used to be somebody. Now I'm somebody else."

Just before bed last night, Spooky read that the Roger Williams Park Zoo's eight-year-old giant anteater, who gave birth two months ago, has died. It wasn't the sort of thing I wanted to hear before sleep. We've only visited the zoo once since we moved here, but the anteater is one of the animals I recall in particular.

All of yesterday was spent assembling editing and assembling Sirenia Digest #54, which went out to subscribers last night. So, if you're a subscriber, you should have the new issue. I'd love to hear comments.

Last night, we watched the new episode of Glee, directed by Joss Whedon. We also watched the season finale of V, for reasons I'm at a loss to explain. Free-floating masochism? We'd seen none of the recent episodes, but that didn't seem to matter. There's been so little character development and plot advancement since the end of the hiatus, everything made perfect sense. Well, no. Everything made as much sense as it would have otherwise. Gods, what a lousy show. How can you even make of series in which Morena Baccarin plays a reptilian space alien and have it come out so goddamn dull? Anyway, later we saw Scott Cooper's Crazy Heart (based on the novel by Thomas Cobb, who happens to be a Rhode Islander), and I gotta say, it's undoubtedly one of the best films of 2009. Jeff Bridges absolutely earned that Oscar. It's a brilliant and beautiful film.

Spooky's begun a new round of eBay auctions, three chapbooks that we don't offer very often due to my having only a very few copies to sell. So please have a look.

I think that's all for now. It's a warm, sunny day out, and after two days of rain, I think we're gonna get out of the house.

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