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Howard Hughes Stays Up Late

Another gloomy day here in Providence. Sure, it's May 18th, but the forecast high is a measly 58F (currently 56F).

One week remaining now until birthday -06, and I feel sort of ill and dizzy every time I think too hard or too long about that.


If all goes well, Sirenia Digest subscribers should be getting #54 sometime this evening. Early for once.

Not too late to pre-order your copy of the trade hardcover of The Ammonite Violin & Others.


Yesterday, we saw Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. I hear it's not getting good reviews. Regardless, I enjoyed it. While it's true that this is not Scott's best film, it's also by no means his worst. Comparisons with the much-superior Gladiator are inevitable, and Robin Hood is no where near as well written or well paced as Gladiator. But I still enjoyed it. I was pleased with the cast, and with their performances. I can never get enough Cate Blanchett, and I think Mark Strong is becoming my favorite actor who gets typecast as the ruthless (yet sexy) villain.

Geoffrey (readingthedark) came by last night, and we talked and talked and talked. I think it was almost four a.m. before he left.

Not much of an entry, no. But all I have today.
Tags: cold spring, sirenia, the ammonite violin
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