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"My sins my own. They belong to me, me."

Cloudy today, and a bit cooler.

I had in mind to write something about the UN report on the world's devastated fish stocks and the very real possibility that, at this rate, the oceans will be essentially devoid of fish by 2050. Or, more specifically, about the aggressively, proudly idiotic comments stories like these generate on the internet. And about the problem of denialists. But...I'm just not up to it. And my going on about what idiots people are will not, in any significant way, lessen the world's population of idiots. So...never mind.

One day, forty or fifty years on, the world will look back to now, and as one will ask, "Why didn't someone warn us? Why didn't our parents stop this from happening?"

I’ll burn my tomorrows,
And I stand inside today,
At the edge of the future,
And my dreams all fade away.


Yesterday, I wrote what I think is the longest "prolegomenon" I've ever written for Sirenia Digest, at 1,140 words. Mostly, it's about how Frank Frazetta made my miserable childhood in Alabama a little less miserable.

Last night, we watched Stephen Gaghan's Syriana (2005). A very effective film. After the movie, I wrote: I find it remarkable when a completely realistic piece of fiction can instill the same suffocating sense of dread and uncertainty as the best pieces of weird fiction. Watching, you begin to understand that you do not understand the way the world works. And Syriana is that sort of film, every moment pregnant with dread. It speaks terror softly. The two explosions near the film's end are marked not by noise, but silence. Expectation is inverted to great effect.

I think that's all for now. I'm going to look for something strong enough to get the taste of idiot out of my brain.

Oh, I have a few more photos from Sunday's trip to Beavertail. These are the ones that Spooky took:

Life in a tide pool.

Clusters of tiny barnacles, mussels, periwinkles, and various species of seaweed.

The lighthouse as seen from the rocks (view to the southeast).

Premaxilla from an unidentified species of fish, found in the surf.

Inside a dog rose.

All photographs Copryright © 2010 by Kathryn A. Pollnac

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