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updating an update

Addendum: Just in case I've never mentioned it, Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press is a spectacularly tolerant and patient fellow. Why do I say this now, you ask? Last night, lying in bed, I became convinced that the decision to swap "Alabaster" for "Andromeda Among the Stones" in the second issue of Subterranean Magazine was a very bad bit of judgement on my part. Why? "Alabaster" was meant as a stand-alone chapbooky sort of story. That's what it was written to be, tailored to that sort of presentation. So, I called Bill this morning and asked him if we could switch back. Without even pausing to tell me that I was a frustrating, indecisive loon, he agreed. So. "Alabaster" will be published as a chapbook, illustrated by Ted Naifeh, as originally planned, and "Andromeda Among the Stones" will join "Bradbury Weather" (illustrated by Rick Kirk) as the two stories by me included in Subterranean Magazine #2, also as originally planned. Sorry for any confusion.

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