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Why must I call this entry anything at all?

Yesterday, I wrote 1,142 words on the Frazetta vignette, which I am calling simply "Tempest Witch." I do know now, thanks to Steven Lubold, that the Frazetta painting in question first appeared as the cover of issue #7 of Eerie magazine back January 1967*. I would have been three years old. Anyway, I like how the piece is going.

Honestly, I haven't much else to say here today, unless I've forgotten something. I would like to again thank the many donors to the "Spooky's Birthday Present Fund." And remind you that there are eBay auctions ongoing. And that Spooky has some very nice sea-glass pendants available through her Etsy shop, Dreaming Squid Dollworks.

Also, not too late to order the trade hardback of The Ammonite Violin & Others, though the limited edition is sold out.

* A little more research indicates the painting was done in 1966, and was originally title "Sea Witch" The version of the painting that appeared on the cover of Eerie no longer exists, as Frazetta reworked the painting later in life (he frequently did this with his paintings).
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