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Entry #2,500

And suddenly, here it is, my 2,500th LiveJournal entry. I was relatively late coming to LJ. I began an account here April 15th, 2004, intending it only as a mirror for my Blogger account. And that's what it was for a while. But, for one reason or another, I eventually switched over to LJ exclusively. I'm not even going to try to "guesstimate" how many words I've written on LJ over the past six years. An awful lot. And if you go back and add in the Blogger entries, which began on November 24th, 2001...well, it's a lot of words, and spans the better part of my career as a writer. On November 24th, 2011, I'll have been blogging for an entire decade, which seems almost impossible.


I'm utterly overwhelmed at the response to yesterday's "Spooky Birthday Present Fund" proposal. I'd thought that we might get fifteen donations by late June. As of this morning, we have twenty five. About an hour ago, I took down the PayPal button, and we started turning people away. This means that I'll be producing twenty-five copies of the new poem, instead of fifteen copies. My great thanks to everyone who's taking part in this (including the people we turned away). You guys are unbelievable. While most donors were in the US, we also have people in Canada, England, and Australia. Now, of course, I have to write a very good poem. So, yeah, wow and thank you. We have all your snail-mail addresses, and the signed and numbered copies of the poem will be mailed out late in June.


Today, I'm going to begin writing "Tempest Witch," my Frazetta tribute, which will be appearing in Sirenia Digest #54 later this month. As soon as this piece is done, and as soon as I've read A House is Not a Home, I'll be beginning work on "The Maltese Unicorn."

I'd like to remind you that, although the limited edition is sold out, there are still copies of the trade hardcover of The Ammonite Violin & Others available from Subterranean Press.

There was a mild seizure yesterday evening, which took me by surprise, as I've not had one in...well, at least a month.

Night before last, we finally saw Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans. It's a brilliant film, despite having two sets of colons in the title.


May. 12th, 2010 06:32 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the info about the PS3. Is that the 120G or 250G? I'm trying to decide between the two right now. The 120G seems to be sold out everywhere online at the moment, but given it's only early May, we should be able to find one by my birthday.

As far as games go, there are a couple of older titles we're looking at. Cait's been wanting to play Heavenly Swords forever, and I'm very interested in Folklore. And there's Final Fantasy XIII... But given that the PS3 has been out for so long, I figure we'll be able to score some good used games relatively cheap.
May. 12th, 2010 06:52 pm (UTC)
As far as I can tell both models are getting the upgraded chipset. I think those model numbers are for the 120 gig model -- but to be honest I'm not sure if they carry over to the 250 gig model or not.

I think the reason that they're sold out everywhere -- same here in Michigan by the way -- is because of the updated model. They were letting their old slim models sell out before they sent out the new models. I'm sure that they'll be in stock again soon, by the end of the month I imagine at least.