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"I see the walls, and see them fall."

A sunny day so far here in Providence, though there may be thunderstorms this afternoon. Still, we were told we'd have a cloudy, rainy day in the mid-fifties, and, instead, we've gotten a sunny morning in the mid-sixties, so that's not so bad.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,243 words on a piece that I actually began, and then shelved, back in March. It was originally called "Untitled 37," but I've retitled it "Three Months, Three Scenes, With Snow." It will be appearing in Sirenia Digest #53 at the end of the month. I think I like where it's going. Spooky does, and usually she's a better judge of these things than I am.

Looking back over the last couple of months, so very little has been written. It's a bit terrifying. So much has to be written in the next few months.


On Tuesday, we saw Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass, and I truly loved it. The pacing was a bit off towards the beginning, but that's really the only complaint I can muster. This film is a fine example of how a studio may have no idea whatsoever when it comes to marketing a film. The trailers gave me the impression it would be a light-hearted superhero spoof. Nope. It's something far worse and something far better. Chloë Moretz' "Hit-Girl" will surely be one of this years most memorable film characters. Great movie. Highly recommended. Just keep in mind that it's rated R for a reason.

Spooky's been watching Glee and enjoying it. Last night, I watched the "Power of Madonna" episode with her my great surprise...loved it. Then I watched "Hairology," because I wanted to see if the newest episode was a fluke, but no, I liked it, as well. Let's just say I'm still a little weirded out. Sue Sylvester rules.


Spooky's been making some really wonderful pendants from beach glass ("mermaid's tears") I've collected since coming to Rhode Island. She's sold four of them in the past two days, almost as quickly as she can make them. You can see the one's that have not yet sold here, at her Dreaming Squid Dollworks Etsy shop.


Today, I find that I'm not up to my annual Earth Day post. I just don't have the heart for it. I will merely note that the human population now stands at 6,816,419,848 (up about one hundred million since last year), and that the US population has risen to 309,118,407.* I will also note the issue of carrying capacity, and that, as far as Homo sapiens is concerned, the Earth’s carrying capacity is estimated by ecologists to be about two billion people (which we reached in 1927). So, we're 4,816,419,848 humans over the line. No species may indefinitely defy the carrying capacity of its environment. Not even clever humans. Sooner or later, this will end.

* courtesy the US Census Bureau's US and World Population clocks.
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