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"I care not if you kneel."

Just something short to let people know we've not washed away. But the same can't be said for much of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There's severe flooding all around us, from Pawtuxet all the way down to Exeter and into eastern Connecticut. Warwick has been especially badly hit, and we're hearing that Olneyville, which is not far from us, has flooding. We've just heard that the basement of Spooky's parent's place has flooded. This is the worst flooding in Rhode Island in the last century. It's still rainy today, but we're promised sunshine tomorrow.

Yesterday was spent putting together Sirenia Digest #52. As soon as I have Vince's illustration (he's having to work around sick children) the issue will go out to subscribers. It includes "Houndwife," as well as one of my favorite stories by Sonya Taaffe (sovay), the novelette "A Ceiling of Amber, A Pavement of Pearl," which has previously appeared only in her collection Singing Innocence and Experience (Prime Books, 2005). I'm very pleased with how this issue has come together.

I think that's all for now. I'm just not up to blogging. Maybe tomorrow the sun will come back, and I'll find myself in a more talkative mood. Maybe I'll sleep tonight....
Tags: insomnia, rain, sirenia, sonya taaffe, spring, weather

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