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"There's blood in the sky. It bleeds from the land."

Still raining here in Providence. Flooding across much of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Fortunately, the West Side of Providence is high enough that we only have to worry about leaking roofs and windows. The rain will be with us one more day, and then, supposedly, be gone. Rivers are flooding south of us. I understand Boston is set to break its rainfall record for the month of March.*

Last night, I slept almost eight hours, without Ambien. Huzzah.

Yesterday was spent formatting Sirenia Digest #52 (and proofreading, and writing the prolegomenon), which is pretty close to being ready to go out. I'm waiting on Vince Locke's illustration for "Houndwife." Last night, he sent me the pencils, and it's going to be gorgeous. I'm hoping the issue will go out to subscribers either tonight or tomorrow. By the way, I was reading over the Sirenia FAQ yesterday, and it really is woefully out of date. I'll try to fix that soon.

My goal for April— write the first two chapters of The Wolf Who Cried Girl, and, of course, produce Sirenia Digest #53.

Have I mentioned The Ammonite Violin & Others?

Late yesterday, sometime after 5 p.m., I decided that the little that was left to do on #52 could wait until today. One rainy day is as good for layout as the next rainy day. And I got dressed and ventured Outside, over to the East Side of Providence with Spooky, to the market. The Providence River was the highest I have ever seen it. Umbrellas were virtually useless. Anyway, Spooky made quesadillas for dinner, and then I spent much of the evening on Second Life, putting together a new avatar for the awakening of yet another copy of the Xiang AI. I'll post some screencaps tomorrow. It really is a beautiful, creepy av.

And I took some photos yesterday, as we drove through the dreary, dreary rain, just in case you ever wanted to see this city on a Very Rainy Day, through the water-slicked window of a moving automobile:

All photographs Copyright © 2010 by Caitlín R. Kiernan

*Postscript [1:46 p.m.]: Spooky just came in to tell me that they're talking about closing I-95, that this is the worst flooding Rhode Island has seen in a hundred years, and that the city of Warwick has declared a state of emergency.
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