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"Fate is my destroyer. I was ambushed by a lie."

Sunny today, and the wind is gone. I have the window open, but there's a chill in the air, and tomorrow we're supposed to see rain mixed with snow and a low tomorrow night of 22F. Currently, it's 59F, but the rain's not far away. I need green. I need warmth.

I've gone seven nights now without Ambien. My sleep is so-so, and I'm actually awake during the day.

Not a very good writing day yesterday. I sat down thinking that THE END of "Houndwife" was within easy reach. But a nasty round of distraction, second guessing, and fretting led to my only managing 620 words by six p.m. I absolutely have to find the story's conclusion today. This (once again) started out as an idea for a vignette and has grown into a full-fledged short story. Which wouldn't be an issue, were I not so pressed for time. After the writing yesterday, I made some notes regarding the story and reread HPL's "The Hound" again. It is by no stretch of the imagination one of Lovecraft's best stories; quite the opposite, really. All in all, it's sort of an overwrought, hysterical mess. And yet, ironically, I find it oddly effective, and it's always been one of my favorites pieces by him. I must have read it fifty times by now. It does almost everything wrong, and yet somehow does something right, and that fascinates me. The author's vision and passion shine through the twisted wreckage of prose that is "The Hound." So often, I find passionate failures are far, far more interesting than mundane successes.

Most of what I would write about just now, in this entry, I can't, because I cannot risk dragging myself into a mindset that is not conducive to finishing "Houndwife."

If you've not yet preordered The Ammonite Violin & Others from Subterranean Press, I urge you to please, please do so today. Cover and end pages by Richard A. Kirk. Introduction by Jeff VanderMeer.

I've been wanting to make an entry about two more new dinosaurs, the velociraptorine dromaeosaurid Linheraptor exquisitus from the Late Cretaceous of Inner Mongolia, and the "prosauropod" Seitaad ruessi from the Early Jurassic of Utah. But I just haven't been able to marshal the requisite motivation for that extra post. So far, to my knowledge, fourteen new non-avian dinosaur taxa have been described in 2010.
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