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Fear of Bleeding Windows

Rainy today. Rainy and chilly. I'm told this is what Providence in March is supposed to be like; I trust my sources, but it still looks, to my eyes, like February.

Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press has sent me what is, to my knowledge, the first review of The Ammonite Violin & Others. It's quite a good review. From the current issue of Library Journal:

From a hauntingly gruesome tale of a secret cave near a New England lighthouse ("Madonna Littoralis") to the bittersweet account a woman born to minister to ghosts ("The Madam of the Narrow Houses"), these 20 stories, written between 2005 and 2007 and previously published in the subscription-only Sirenia Digest, reveal the author's remarkable storytelling talent and her ability to conjure nightmarishly beautiful visions. Strong language and explicitly sexual references give Kiernan's stories power and ground them in the visceral world, but may limit the audience to mature adults. VERDICT The author's growing following will enjoy her latest collection.

So, yes. Quite a fine little review (though it did leave me and Spooky laughing about immature adults), and I am grateful for it. If you've not yet ordered the collection, I ask that you please, please do. Because that's how we writers are permitted to pay our bills and continue writing. People buy our books. Thank you. Also, never a bad idea to subscribe to Sirenia Digest, says Herr Platypus.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,044 words on "Houndwife." A normal sort of writing day, so far as word count is concerned. Which means it was a bit of a disappointment after the freakishly high word counts of Saturday and Sunday. Today, I have some overdue proofreading to take care of, and then Spooky and I are going to a matinée, so I'll be finishing the story tomorrow. I think you'll like it (it will be appearing in Sirenia Digest #52 at the end of the month, with an illustration by Vince Locke).


Last night is a little bit of a blur, because I didn't sleep enough. But there was WoW, mostly the Alterac Valley battlefield, of which I have grown unaccountably fond. Never mind that a warlock on a battlefield— even a Level 80 warlock with a dual talent specialization in demonology and destruction —is a bit like a bug on a windshield. And later, there was a mind-bendingly great bit of roleplay in Insilico. Xiang 1.5 ("Victoria") and Xiang 2.0a ("Nanyah-Aste") were reunited in virtual space, though that's probably not a good thing. Then again, I am a pessimist. Thanks to Molly and Daria for the rp, even though it kept me up too late.

Actually, it is a Very Good Thing I stayed up too late, as the torrential downpour we were getting caused the storm windows in the bathroom and my office to spring alarming leaks, and Spooky and I were awake until sometime after five trying to keep everything dry. The landlord will have to attend to this problem very, very soon. I don't build arks.

More coffee...
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