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"There's a fear I keep so deep. Knew its name since before I could speak."

The weather is still sunny today, if a bit cooler. But I have the office window open anyway, because rain is coming tomorrow, and I want all the fresh air I can get before things get wet again. Spring comes so slowly to Providence, compared to Atlanta and Birmingham. Of course, it would be equally true to say that spring comes so quickly to Atlanta and Birmingham, compared to Providence. It's all a matter of perspective.

A good writing day yesterday. I did 1,358 words on "Houndwife." I am pleased with how this story is coming along, and where it's going. I did find myself wondering, yesterday, how Lovecraft would feel about someone writing a sequel to "The Hound" to the music of Polly Jean Harvey and Patti Smith, then someone on Facebook pointed out to me that Patti Smith had actually appeared at one of the Lovecraft Film Festivals in Portland, where she read some of HPL's poetry. This doesn't answer my question, of course, but it is cool as hell.

Yesterday evening, before dark, I went Outside with Spooky, as far as the markets on the east side, just to get out of the house. There was a grand sunset. All in all, my mood is much improved. I'm sleeping without Ambien (four nights now), which means the nightmares are worse, but I feel better during the day, not fighting against a zolpidem hangover while I'm awake. I think the warmer weather and the trip to Cambridge on Thursday have done me a world of good (my thanks again to Greer, Sonya, and Chris). I'm riding this peak as long as it lasts, and taking it for all it has to give.

I've been reading the new Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, which arrived sometime last week. So far, I've made my way through papers on the dolichosaur Acetosaurus tommasinii, the cranial anatomy of the basal ceropdan dinosaur Changchunsuarus parvus, and Late Cretaceous snakes from the Maevarano Formation of Madagascar.

Oh, and the octopus has now been sexed, and his name will definitely be Nemo. I suppose, when the name first occurred to me, I was thinking of Jules Verne and Prince Armitage Ranjit Dakkar, but there's also the word's Latin meaning ("no one" or "nobody"). And there's the Nightwish song of the same title, and Winsor McCay's dreamer, and the oceanic pole of inaccessibility, and...well, take your pick. They all work for me.
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