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Life After Philpott

Addendum: I suppose I owe you guys a genuine entry for the day. It's gonna be very short, though, because I am way the frell pooped.

I did well yesterday. I wrote 1,068 words on Daughter of Hounds, finishing with Part III of the prologue. The story has begun to unfold in my mind very rapidly. Oh, and Spooky and I filed stuff that had been piling up about the office. And I finally wrote down my thoughts on Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

Later, we made spaghetti, and I played Sudeki. Later still, we read two sf stories, "Strong Medicine" by William Shunn (which was quite short and read like a episode from the original Twilight Zone) and King Dragon by Michael Swanwick (a very entertaining blend of "high" fantasy and sf).

And really, that was yesterday. I'll write about today in the morning, for fear of having nothing else to write about in the morning.
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