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Dinosaur Discoveries!

The last few days have been...well...crap. Almost complete and utter.

Today Spooky dragged me out of the house for a fairly wonderful day Outside (which I will describe, with photos, tomorrow). At the end of it all was a package from David Kirkpatrick (corucia), and in that package was a copy of William Stout's new book, Dinosaur Discoveries (2009, Flesk Publications). And that would have been enough, right there. But turns out, it's #420 of a signed limited edition of 500 copies. And as if that still wasn't cool enough, it was inscribed to me, with a mosasaur illustration! Now, if you aren't in the know, me and mosasaurs, we go way, way back. All the way to the Santonian, in fact. Anyway, yes, this is grand, and thank you David and Bill for giving me something to smile about on this day when I very much need something to smile about.

Oh, and Spooky even took two nerdy photos:

Tags: good books, new dinosaurs, paleo
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