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"The recklessness I've shown in all my words and deeds."

Just something quick for Sirenia Digest subscribers.

#50 is going to be going out late, and it may possibly be as late as February 3rd or 4th. I'd so wanted this issue to be on time (it's frakkin' #50, after all). But then I got sick after the reading in Brooklyn, and then Spooky got sick, and then Spooky got called for jury duty (starting Monday), and then the new story, "Hydrarguros," decided to give me fits trying to find its conclusion. I refuse to ever rush a story to meet a deadline, because I'd only break it in the process. The story, not the deadline. No one wants a broken story. Well, no one who reads Sirenia Digest, I'm guessing.

So, my apologies, but this genuinely could not be helped.

Yesterday, I wrote only 827 words on "Hydrarguros," and on Thursday I wrote only 950 words. Slow going...
Tags: deadlines, delays, sirenia

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