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Howard Hughes vs. the Expectations of the 21st Century

1. Yesterday, I did another 1,137 words on "Hydrarguros." This is one of those stories that truly make me pause to ponder that question I long ago forbade interviewers to ask: Where the fuck do I get my ideas? Seriously, I sat down on Sunday and began this story, with only the vaguest idea as to its plot, setting, characters, and whatnot. The usual suspects. And by Monday afternoon, I was knee-deep in Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey. Homosexual gangsters of the very near future. Strange nosebleeds and a drug that may be extraterrestrial in origin. And it all just came. From where, I do not know.

2. There's a little bit of snow on the way. On this day last year, we had heavy snow in Providence. Ah, the snow has just started falling.

3. More excellent rp at Insilico last night. I am being spoiled by this sim. I'll never, ever again be able to grin and bear lousy rping, ooc nonsense, and half-assed worldbuilding in Second Life. I see now that it can be done the right way, that is has been done the right way. All it takes are smart, talented, determined people. I'm just glad that I found my way there. Things go well with Xiang.*

4. Not much else to say for yesterday. After the writing, I had a hot bath, and then, while Spooky went out to the market, I lay down, meaning only the grab a ten or fifteen minute nap. I slept for over an hour.

*Maybe it was that good, briefly. But I suspect not. So, yeah, excessive enthusiasm.
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