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"I can't accept and won't concede..."

Gotta be quick. It's windy and raining here in Providence (and oddly warm, high 50sF), and Spooky and I both took that as a cue to oversleep. Well, no, Spooky slept in because she's still ill. The rain made me sleep too late. It often does. Rain is a soporific for my addled brain.

Yesterday I began a new sf story, "Hydrarguros," for Sirenia Digest #50. I'm only 741 words in, but I'm liking where it's going.

I also picked the cover layout for The Ammonite Violin & Others yesterday, and will be posting the final cover here in a day or two. Richard Kirk's art looks grand. Remember, the "Sanderlings" chapbook comes free with the limited edition.

More good rp in Insilico last night (Second Life). I probably stayed up too late, but the story just kept coming.

Yes, and now I go to serve Herr Platypus!
Tags: second life, sf, sirenia, sleep, the ammonite violin, weather, writing
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