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behemoth amuck

Addendum: Today I received the following e-mail (Thank you, Deathbird), regarding The Goth Bible, Barnes and Noble, and Those In Charge:

My experience with Barnes and Noble has been a very interesting one. For years, I sold legal study aids to the law school bookstore market. Barnes and Noble runs a line of college bookstores, so I was in frequent (read "daily") contact with bookstore managers. This is what I have learned about that company.

It has it's head so far up its own ass it has come to believe that it has no head. It is neurotic. It is amorphous.

Occasionally, in the course of my dealings with its component bookstores, it became necessary to speak with "someone in charge" of the company. There was no way to contact a central personage. There may be no central personage. There is no one "at the top" that one may speak with. Even when it would have been in the best interest of someone "in the know" at B and N to talk to me (I could have saved them tens of thousands of dollars in shipping charges.) there was no one to talk to. Even if I did get a phone number for some mysterious "being", there was always only voice mail, and never a returned call. Same result for emails.

So, the ongoing problem with this company (including the most recent one with this
Goth Bible) may well be that there is no one in charge of this behemoth. The motherfucker just runs itself. Boat adrift. Crew overboard.

All hands. Abandon ship.

If this is true (and I'm not in a position to say that it is), I am not even the least bit surprised. And I'm tired of being appalled.

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