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"Leave a light on in the night for me..."

Yesterday, after sitting in this chair for several hours, I found a new story, and I wrote a few, precious words on a new piece titled "Teratophobia." Hopefully, today will go well.

Subterranean Press has announced the upcoming release, in June 2010, of The Ammonite Violin & Others and is now taking pre-orders.

This will, by the way, be my seventh collection of short fiction since 2000. Well, unless I count Frog Toes and Tentacles and Tales from the Woeful Platypus, and I suppose I ought to, in which case this will be my ninth. Yesterday, I sat down and tried to tally all my short fiction publications to date, and arrived at an approximate total of 159 stories (since 1993). I am tempted to ask how that's even possible, but I already know the answer. At any rate, that's an average of 9.3 a year. Though, in truth, something like half of them have been written since I began Sirenia Digest in December 2004. In fact, I realized yesterday that the next piece I write for the Digest will be the 70th story I've written for it.

It's no wonder I hardly ever leave the house.

Also, speaking of Subterranean Press, the Fall 2009 issue of Subterranean includes my story "The Belated Burial":

Did I mention it's free?

I'm still waiting on my agent's verdict regarding the Blood Oranges proposal.

Last night, after dinner, Spooky and I had Surra and Shaharrazad (respectively) out in the Eastern Plaguelands, slowly wending our way along the hellish avenues of Stratholme, and we were nearing the end of the dungeon, when the instance server had some sort of seizure and went down. Yes, it was annoying. Now, we have to fight our way through all those ghouls, banshees, warlocks, and whatnot all over again. Anyway, later on, we watched Rian Johnson's The Brothers Bloom (2008). Previously, I'd been impressed by Johnson's 2005 film, Brick. In The Brothers Bloom we see the promise of Brick brought to fruition. The Brothers Bloom is an utterly adorable, wonderful, and witty film, one of the best I've seen this year. There's also a sort of Ulysses (more James Joyce than Homer) undercurrent that I've not yet completely worked out. Strongly, strongly recommended, this film.

Here are some photos I took yesterday, during the walk Spooky and I had after the blog entry, but before the writing:

All Photographs Copyright © 2009 by Caitlín R. Kiernan.
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