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Monday was inevitable

Not so much to say about yesterday. Spooky and I read more of the Hine book and spent a lot of time talking about magic, religion, epistemology, and suchlike. Jennifer went out looking at potential new apartments/houses (the move is almost on top of us). I made notes for the prologue of Daughter of Hounds, notes which may actually constitute a skeletal outline and should allow me to get back to work on the book this afternoon. We made a trip to the market. I played Sudeki, and before bed we watched another ep of Farscape, "A Constellation of Doubt."

And now it's Monday, and now I have to write.

Just seven days left until Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. I wish I had the time and could spare the energy, energy that must, instead, go into Daughter of Hounds, to write another empassioned appeal to all of you with access to the Sci-Fi Channel to tune in Sunday night to the continuation of an amazing story. Seeing "A Constellation of Doubt" again last night, I was seized with the certainty that if I could just get people to watch this one episode, they would immediately see the genius of Farscape (especailly if they could also see the extended and deleted scenes from that episode included on the DVD). Of course, that's not at all true. You click with something or you don't. It hits you or misses you entirely. Art sucks like that.

It's been more than two years now since the series was cancelled, more than two years since I wrote my Farscape essays for RevolutionSF and and in a feverish expression of my hope that Farscape might somehow be saved. I remain as in love with the series as ever. There has never been finer fantastic fiction created for television. That's how I felt two years ago, and that's still how I feel today. There is power and beauty and magic in Farscape, but I cannot convince you. I know now that it doesn't work that way. But. If you'd like to read the essays I wrote way back in September 2002, two of them are still online:

"Crackers Do Matter: Why Farscape Is Worth Saving" (@

"Worlds Glimpsed, Worlds Lost: Why Farscape Should Be Saved" (

And if you'd like to see "A Constellation of Doubt" (Season Four, episode 83) and don't have access to the DVD collections, perhaps you can catch it when it airs on the Sci-Fi Channel later this week. Or, frell, download it from Kazaa or Aquisition or whatever you prefer.

I should go now. I have to brush my teeth and somehow clear my head of everything that isn't Daughter of Hounds

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