greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

A blur of nothing much at all.

I think this is what is meant by being between a rock and a hard place.

Yesterday, insomnia and another migraine prevented me from getting any work done, and so I still have not begun Sirenia Digest #47, and I'm running out of month. Plus, I have to be in Manhattan on the 27th, and I have the Brown reading on the evening of the 24th. The interviews are mostly out of the way. At least that's something.

I don't think I've blown a month this badly in...well, a very long time.

If you've not already, please have a look at this round of eBay auctions. There's some stuff we've not offered in quite a while, and one or two things we may not offer ever again. Thanks.

I was amused (I think that's the word) to discover a quest in WoW, something with the Night Elves about rejuvenating the "Staff of Equinex." The n'elfs are moon-worshipping "Druids," but there's often this sense that Blizzard is not entirely comfortable with the paganism they've interjected into the game. There are these half-hearted attempts at disguising it, such as this "Staff of Equinex" quest, wherein not only is the word "equinox" misspelled, but so are the four sabbats that are the subject of the quest: "Samha" (Samhain), ""Imbel" (Imbolc), "Byltane" (Beltane), and "Lahassa" (Lammas, Lughnasadh). Of course, maybe this is supposed to be funny, and I simply failed to appreciate the joke. To be fair, all the Christian holy days referred to in the game also have their names disguised and are watered down to their secular aspects.

I wish there were a time store. I need to buy one week. Maybe two.

It rained all day yesterday, here in Providence. Cold, cold rain. But, further north, in Boston, there was snow, so I figure we were lucky. I do understand that there has already been snow in Rhode Island this year, in Cranston. Today, the sun is out, and the day is bright, but still cold.

We finished Season Four of Weeds night before last. I love this show. Not quite as much as I love Californication, but I do love it. Both are brilliant in their satire of the mess that is America in the early 21st Century. Both use comedy not as a mere distraction, but social satire. In Californication, we have a debauched womanizing writer who seems to be the only man (or woman) in Los Angeles who isn't a misogynist, and in Weeds, which exposes all the ugliness and hypocrisy of suburbia, a pot-dealing Nancy Botkin turns out to be a better mother than most. Both shows make skillful use of inversion, presenting "dysfunctional" as the norm and the "American dream" as a nightmare we can't wake up from, no matter how hard we try. But, most importantly, they're funny and very well-written shows. And, I have to admit, I love it when the hopeless fuck-ups are the "good guys." Thank you, Showtime.

Time to try to make the doughnuts.

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