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Pornographic Relativity 1

Yesterday, I did a measly 387 words in four hours, but think I've found the beginning of my YA Mars story, which might be titled "XX." 387 words in four hours. I always find that sf comes slower, if only because I must constantly fact-check what I'm writing, but I cannot presently afford to write so slowly when I have so many deadlines looming over me. This isn't about "quality over quantity." It's about, "you get the work done, or you don't get paid."

Not much else to say about yesterday. I said here and tried to find the words, words to describe a fictional society, a fictional place and time, trying to make it real. It was almost dark before I stopped writing. I should have written for more than four hours, but those four hours left me utterly wasted and useless for the remainder of the evening. Still, it's good to be back on Mars.

Spooky made chili. We finished watching Season Two of Weeds.

And here are more photos from Sunday (Stonington Cemetery, CT):

All photographs Copyright © 2009 by Kathryn A. Pollnac.

Also, sovay asked me to post a link to the Oberon mask. I will be making a headpiece of antlers, as well, as my Oberon must be a rutting Oberon.
Tags: cemeteries, mars, sf, shakespeare, writing

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