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Not a whole lot to write about, as regards yesterday. At least not, as regards writing. Since I didn't write yesterday.

Spooky and I chose Beavertail for our Mabon ritual. Last year we went farther east, out to Fort Weatherill. The weather was cloudy yesterday, and windy, but not cold. We found a good flat place on the rocks north of the lighthouse. No one nearby except a few fisherman. Sailboats in the bay. Gulls and cormorants.

Afterwards, we drove to Saundertown to visit Spooky's mom and dad (and get eggs and basil, squash and tomatoes). On the way back to Providence, we stopped to watch the sunset over a pumpkin patch north of Slocum. It was a good day. Autumn is not my season, but if it must come, it should be embraced.

There are photographs:

"The Fairy Path," on the way to the rocks at Beavertail (view to the north).

Looking towards the lighthouse (view to the south).

Another shot of the lighthouse; note anglers.

A gull's feather.

This was once a crab.

Me, heading back to the car. View to the southwest.

Sunset. View to the west.

All photographs Copyright © 2009 by Caitlín R. Kiernan and kathryn A. Pollnac.


Last night, we watched the Season premiere of Heroes. I liked the introduction of the carnival, and I still adore Zachary Quinto. But mostly, the show is what the show has always been. Not really good, just entertaining enough to keep you watching. Later, Spooky and I got in some WoW in the Badlands, with our Draenei characters, and we both reached Level 42.
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