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Oh LJ, how I have neglected thee.

How long's it been since my last entry? Five frakkin' days, which is hard to believe. I have no intentions of allowing this blog to evaporate, just because all the world's in love with Twitter and other sources of instant gratification at 140 characters or less. I will persevere. But the last few days have been bad, as in Bad, and I've not been up to writing the stuff I get paid to write, much less this blog. But, anyway, today we resume. Unconformity terminated.

Saturday's signing in Bellingham went well, and an especial thanks to Geoffrey (readingthedark) for keeping me company, etc. It was a nasty, rainy day for a signing, and I thank the brave souls who ventured out. I actually signed copies of The Girl Who Would Be Death and The Dreaming trade paperback and Bast: Eternity Game, which was rather odd, as I've not wielded a paint pen (or written comics) in ages. Oh, and the parking lot was filed with Canadian geese, and the entrance to said parking lot was all but blocked by a rather epic fender bender. Great day.

The last few days have sort of folded in upon themselves. Few things seem clear, except the signing at Bellingham. Which makes this entry problematic. I was amused, yesterday, when Jeff VanderMeer, who has written a wonderful introduction for The Ammonite Violin & Others (coming in 2010 from Subterranean Press), posted a line from one of my stories to his Facebook page and asked people to try and identify it. The quote was:

"The Queen is fashioned of some viscous, shapeless substance that is not quite flesh, but always there is the dim impression of leathery wings, as of an immense bat, and wherever the Queen brushes against the girl, there the sensation of touching or being touched by matted fur and the blasted bark of dying, lightning-struck trees.

There were fascinating and flattering (and a few bizarre) responses, including: Neil Gaiman, Kurt Vonnegut, Jack Vance, Susanna Clarke, Jay Lake, Micheal Moorcock, Charles Stross, George MacDonald, Mervyn Peake, Catherynne M. Valente, and Charles de Lint. My favorite guess, though, was someone who said, it sounded like "something out of an old naturalist magazine. 1820's style." Of course, Sirenia Digest subscribers may recognize the quote as having originated in "Untitled 23."

Yesterday, there was a Conversation of Great Import with my agent, and someday, I'll probably even talk about it here. But not this day. This is just a stray few lines to mark the Moment.


Please have a look at Spooky's Etsy shop. She's added some wonderful new sculptures, including Pumpkin Wizards, and everything's one of a kind. Please have a look.


Also, yesterday, there were two emails imploring me to write more stories about Dancy Flammarion. Now, I did swear when I finished "Highway 97" and the Alabaster collection that I'd be writing no more Dancy stories. But sometimes I change my mind. And sometimes I don't. Which is to say, we shall see, just no time soon. It also seems, I noticed just now, that the trade paperback of Alabaster is sold out, with only used copies available via Amazon. I'll be asking subpress if they plan on doing a second printing (and let you guys know).


Yesterday, after important things had been tended to, we made a 4:30 matinée of Shane Acker's 9. Gods, what a beautiful film. Brilliant, and damned near perfect. I think it's the film that WALL-E only wished it could have been, that it sort of aspired to be in that first half hour or so. Before it flinched and got silly. 9 doesn't flinch. Anyway, it goes on my list of the "Best of 2009" thus far.

And now...I must go forth and answer email, face another interview, and clean my messy office. But if you've not yet ordered a copy or two of The Red Tree, please do. Thanks.
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