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Let's try this again, shall we?

So...yesterday was another "lost day." That's four consecutive days to have earned an "L" in my day planner when I could not afford even one. I cannot recall the last time this happened. It's not the same as days during which I try to work, and nothing comes. Those are just dry work days. I mean days when I do not even try. Today, I have to get moving again. My stillness builds momentum, and that's terrifying.

Here in Providence, the weather has gone from summer to autumn in the space of a few days. I wasn't ready for it. As miserable as we were during our two weeks of summer, I was not ready for autumn.

Autumn is always the season of dying, just as winter is the season of death before the rebirth of spring.

Nothing much worth mentioning yesterday.

Late in the day, around five p.m. or so, we drove down to Spooky's parents' place in Saunderstown. It was a beautiful drive once we left the interstate, and it was the first time I'd left the House since Wednesday. We only visited a short while. But the air smelled wonderful, and it was good to be Outside, despite the evening chill. We came away with yellow tomatoes, blueberry preserves her dad made, eggs, and basil. There's a photo of Spooky playing with Spider (whom we are now calling Luciano, for reasons that should be obvious):

Anyway, I will go now and see if I can make something less than wasted from this day.
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