greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Lolly Jane Blue, Sil van der Woerd, and Perishable Theater

So...yeah. We're getting a ton of rain from what was Tropical Storm Danny. But I'm still planning on making the reading at Perishable Theater tonight in Providence (with a host of other performers).

I've just been introduced to the collaborations of Lolly Jane Blue and Sil van der Woerd, and wow, it's like someone's made films of Sirenia Digest vignettes:

Okay. I must go prepare to be Caitlín.

Postscript (2:57 p.m.): I just pulled out of the Fledgling Festival at Perishable Theater. The weather's too lousy, I'm too exhausted from eight days of writing, and I still have layout and proofreading. But it was the weather, mostly.
Tags: music, reading, sirenia, video, weather

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