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But, if so under which god, goddess, or gods?

Yesterday, I did 1,035 words on "Werewolf Smile," but did not find THE END. This one is determined to go on as long as ever it pleases, despite my own needs. I admit I feel a little lost in it, in the dark folds of this story. Last night, I read the whole thing aloud to Spooky, and she liked it, and it works far better than I thought. I also sent it to sovay and readingthedark, for additional opinions. But it has to be finished today. I think I am developing a dread of the final scene.

Also yesterday. I agreed to do two short readings during this weekend's Fledgling Festival here in Providence, which is being held at the Perishable Theater on Empire Street. I'll be reading both Saturday and Sunday nights. Likely, it will be material from either Frog Toes and Tentacles or Tales from the Woeful Platypus. So, those of you who were asking about Providence appearances, well here's your first chance.

Frankly, the next few days are sort of terrifying to contemplate. I have to finish "Werewolf Smile," and then write a new vignette for Sirenia Digest #45. I have to do the readings this weekend, and an interview for And I have to get Sirenia Digest #45 out to subscribers. Tuesday, I'm not doing anything, if I can still move by then.

Please have a look at the current round of eBay auctions. Thanks.

Tonight, I hope to get in some work on the website, more evidence relating to The Red Tree.

Come on, platypus. We're burning daylight.
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