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Bill passes Point Judith

First, this video, which I did not take, but found online. We were very nearby, though, when it was filmed. This is at Harbor of Refuge, which was evacuated and closed about half an hour after we arrived at Pt. Judith. From the parking lot of the Pt. Judith Lighthouse, we could plainly see these same waves a quarter of a mile to our southwest, beyond the intervening salt marsh.

This is the video clip I got, maybe half an hour after the above clip was filmed. The sun was almost down. The view is to the east (above, it was to the southwest). The point was taking much of the punch out of the waves, so what we saw north of the lighthouse was considerably less dramatic than the waves over-topping the jetty at Harbor of Refuge (which wasn't much of a refuge last night).

And now, the still photographs (behind the cut):

It becomes apparent other people had the same idea. View to the north, back towards Iggy's and Narragansett.

View to the southeast, toward Point Judith. More cars and sheeple.

Sunset over salt marsh between Point Judith and Harbor of Refuge. View to the west.

View to the east. The mouth of Narragansett Bay at Point Judith.

Doesn't even come close to doing these waves justice.

View to the northeast, towards Scarborough Beach.

I tried to get shots of the bigger breakers coming ashore at Harbor of Refuge, but they all came out like this. View to the south, from Point Judith.

All photographs Copyright © 2009 by Caitlín R. Kiernan

Tags: rhode island, storms, summer

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