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"Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?"

Sooooo... a couple of months back, Spooky discovered an absolutely hilarious webseries about an Alliance WoW Guild, called The Guild, and starring the marvelous Felicia Day. You may remember her from Buffy, or Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long-Blog. You can watch seasons One and Two online, for free, by the way. And Season Three begins soon.

And if you were at the San Diego ComiCon, you probably already know all this. Anyway, turned out, ingame, there's a real-world counterpart to the webseries' "Knights of Good," and though I am generally more fond of playing the Horde side of WoW, I got caught up in the moment and created a Draenei paladin, named Kalií (pronounced kay-LEE). Whom I've been level grinding on ever since. Yeah, yeah. I'm a dork. We knew that already. So, yes, I am in the Knights of Good, the guild spawned by The Guild, and, as of today, the series' music video, "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar," can be seen for free. Below. Past all these annoying words:

Presently, the video is at #1 on the iTunes music video chart, and #datemyavatar was a trending topic on Twitter today. Oh, and fun facts: Felicia is both a mathematician and violinist, and is from Huntsville, Alabama. Also, the video was co-written and directed by Jed Whedon, Joss' brother.
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