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"And they'll stand by you now, not tomorrow..."

The heat has returned to Providence, and, so we're both holed up in my office with Dr. Muñoz, trying to stay cool. I wish I were at the sea, but it will be awash in mostly naked tourists. I've had a headache since yesterday afternoon, the sort I suppose are migraines.

Yesterday, I did manage to get the last one hundred pages of The Ammonite Violin & Others proofed. Soon, I can send the "final" ms. off to Subterranean Press. Much to my surprise and to my delight, I really like these stories, even though it's been two years or so since they were written. I even fear they're better than what I'm writing now. Anyway, I'm very pleased that this book will be coming out next year.

Spooky's been editing the "trailer" for The Red Tree. Obviously, we've completely missed the projected August 14th release date. Maybe another week. It is coming together, but it will be perfect, or I'll not put it out there. It has to be something that both she and I are comfortable with, because the last thing the world needs is another crappy book trailer cluttering up the interwebs.

But that was about all the work I got done yesterday, the proofreading. However, I did like Distrct 9 a lot. As I said yesterday on Facebook, "Really splendid. Simultaneously triumphant and grim, hopeful and bereft of hope." I won't try to write a genuine review, because that's not something I'm good at. I do strongly recommend it, on many levels. It'll definitely be on my "best of '09" list.

A strange and stressful day ahead. I wish I could fast forward to November, frankly.
Tags: movies, promotion, proofreading, sf, subpress, summer, the ammonite violin, the red tree

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