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Howard Hughes vs. the Amazon Sales Rank (Pt. 2)

Blah. Not getting enough sleep. Staying up too late. Right now, I choose to blame Season Two of Dexter, which we're racing through. I love that the superhero subtext I saw right from the start has become overt. And Keith Carradine is just cool.

Anyway, for those of you who do not follow my Twitter or Facebook accounts, where things sort of happen (strangely) in "real time," yesterday's shoot in Boston (for The Red Tree "trailer") was canceled at the last minute for fear of rain. Which meant having to scramble desperately to find a rain date that would work for everyone involved. Turns out, that will be Tuesday. Problem is, yesterday was cool and cloudy (and rainy, alas), while today and tomorrow will be hot and sunny. Oh, and as I noted yesterday on Facebook, I should point out the slightly unsettling numerical coincidences at work here. The last dated "entry" in the novel is on August 4th. Book release came up on August 4th. Now, we'll (hopefully) be shooting the trailer on August 4th. And there are others, but I'll stop there.

By the time we knew that we wouldn't be going to Boston, most of the day was already gone. So, Spooky and I checked to see if the Barnes and Noble in Warwick (which we think is the only one in Rhode Island) had already shelved The Red Tree), even though tomorrow is the release date. They had, of course. And since the box with my comp copies is very late, we drove down to Warwick and actually bought a copy. Yes, I paid cover price, plus tax, for my own book. Well, Spooky did. I was too embarrassed. But at least that's one sold. And I now know that all the corrections and formatting appear to be fixed (the ARCs were a mess). So, that was a huge relief.

I am so bloody tired of obsessing over the Amazon sales rank. But one of the few patterns I can actually discern is that during the hours when I tweet the book or website's URL, sales go up. When I don't it starts to drop. Now, no one knows, when it goes up, if that's one copy or eight hundred, because Amazon keeps that shit secret for fear of...well...whatever. For fear of not pissing me off. But I'm coming to a place very, very soon, where I'm just going to have to stop and let the figures do what the figures do. I'm micromanaging myself to a frazzle. I'm a writer, not a promoter.

Speaking of which, if you're in the Boston/Providence area, and ever want t see me read from The Red Tree, or want a signed copy, you'll likely want to be at the Pandemonium Books signing at 7 p.m. on Thursday evening. That's Pandemonium Books & Games, 4 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, MA 02139. Phone: 617-547-3721. This will very possibly be my only East Coast signing for the book.

And now...there's work I'm not getting done. But I do have a couple of photos:

Sometime late Saturday night, or early Sunday morning. The highest I've seen the book rank. It has only just, in the last few days, occurred to me that Amazon sales rankings are even more ambiguous than ever, because of the addition of Kindle sales ranks. My Kindle numbers have been high, and I have no idea what effect that has on sales of the actual book.

Yesterday in Warwick, me and The Red Tree. Do I look frazzled? You bet'cha.

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