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"How sinister and how correct."

Today is mostly going to be a day off, though there are a few work things to which I must attend. We shoot most of the book trailer (for The Red Tree) in Boston on Sunday, and I have to be clear headed for that. So, a brief rest will hopefully help out.

Congratulations to the winner of the Very Special eBay auction. And thanks.

When I opened my Twitter account on June 18th, I set a personal goal of gaining 1,000 followers by July 31st. As of this moment, I have 1,762. And it does seem to have proven itself a useful marketing tool, as well as quite a bit of fun, so I suppose this means that Rachel has now moved beyond the experimental phase.

For those of you following the gradual presentation of evidence at the website, a new piece was added last night. Plate XIX. Might want to check it out.

Sirenia Digest #44 went out to subscribers late last night, after our third trip to the Geek Squad in Warwick (Spooky's laptop now has a shiny new hd). I hope it's meeting with approval, this issue. "January 28, 1926" pretty much counts as another bit of evidence, by the way. Comments always welcome.

I thought a lot yesterday about the proposition of doing a vampire novel. I even have a possible title. The trick would be to manage to write a vampire novel that is at least as good and at least as mature as The Red Tree. Likely, I would draw upon New England vampire lore as a starting point, Mercy Brown and the rest. It would have to stray nowhere near the whole PR template. It would also have to be somewhat original, thus justifying the writing of yet another vampire novel, without relying too heavily on some gimmicky plot device or another. The idea is not merely to offer an alternative to the horde of cheesy PR vampire stories, but to create a novel that has a reason for being that is all its own. So, I'm thinking. I'm going to speak to my agent about this next week.

Last night, Spooky and I finished watching Season One of Dexter. We started when it was new, but stopped for one reason or another. Anyway, we're hooked. I think Michael C. Hall pushes my buttons the same way that Zachary Quinto does. We've not read any of Jeff Lindsay's novels, so my impressions of the show are based entirely on the show itself. Mostly, it brought back a rather lame comment from a ReaderCon panel. The "Is Fiction Inherently Evil" thing. Some guy wanted to know if there wasn't something wrong with portraying a serial killer as a "good guy," and wasn't it an utterly ludicrous and I almost said, "What about Batman?" and "You know we're talking sf and fantasy, right? We're talking about orcs and demons, and you think a serial killer who only kills murderers is too fantastic a premise?" But I was quite and didn't say any of that. Now, having watched Season One, I'm struck by the parallels between Dexter and certain superheros, especially Batman, especially in his original Detective Comics incarnation, and then later on, with Frank Miller's work. Which I find very interesting. Anyway, we'll start watching Season Two tonight, I expect.

But this is a day off, so I should wrap this entry up. Please do order a copy of The Red Tree, if you've not already, or check your local bookshop to see if they've already shelved copies of the novel. Thanks.
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