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obligatory entry title

Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday. Um, yeah. Yesterday, I wrote 1,285 words on "Faces in Revolving Souls," in about four and half hours. It wasn't the worst sort of writing day, but it sure as frell wasn't the best sort, either. A good, solid word count, but every word kicking and screaming as it was hauled from the damp recesses of my pysche and onto the hd of my iBook (Once I would have said, "As it was hauled from the damp recesses of my psyche and onto the page," but, you mustn't ever forget, we live in The Future.). It's an odd story, this one. It's coming out in a very direct, not-the-least-bit baroque voice. Someone will like that. Someone else will hate it. Anyway, the total word count now stands at 3,667, and I expect to finish the story tomorrow afternoon. (Jennifer just finished reading what I've done so far, and she likes it. That's a start.)

Last night was Kid Night, which may be the only reason I'm alive right now. We watched Chin gei bin (a.ka., The Vampire Effect; perfectly entertaining) and Fear of the Dark (perfectly lame), then played Jak II, which may be my new favorite PS2 game. It's sort of Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando meets Beyond Good and Evil, so what's not to love? There was also some SpongeBob SquarePants and a few old Peanuts cartoons thrown into the mix somewhere, and hot dogs and tollhouse cookies with caramel. Sometime after 4 a.m., we fell asleep to The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Ahhhhh. Kid Night the way it ought to be.

Spooky just returned from her walk. She got rained on, but seems no worse for the wear.

She has hunger in her belly, though.

And my fingers smell like Play-Doh.


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