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In Which the Author Says Stuff (Part MCM)

As of last night, or so I am told, the cache of evidence displayed on the website has grown slightly. Myself, I'd take this whole matter with a grain of salt. A few photographs and pages of typescript, and what does this amount to? Well, I suppose that is the question.

Yesterday, it rained. The temperatures stayed in the 60sF, I think. It felt like March all over again, and so did my mood. Some sun today, and that's a relief.

Another interview yesterday (third in a week), and another today. These things really start to wear on me. I can only talk about myself so much before I begin to feel like an absolute jackass. It's not quite the same as doing the LJ, not quite, though there are times when I'm making an entry here, and, honestly, I want to say, "Hey, Kiernan! Shut it! We've heard enough, okay?" Lines from a Sarah Mclachlan song run through my head. Everybody loves you when you're easy. Everybody hates when you're a bore. I'm not easy. I'm never easy. But, you never, ever turn down an interview. Never. Well, unless it's with The Watchtower or FOXNews or something insane like that. This was drilled into me early in my career by two writers with far more experience than me. I won't name them here. One said, "You have to be an interview whore. Never turn down an interview." So, I have another interview today.

Some day soon, I may go back to just being a writer. Wasn't that sufficient punishment? Personally, I prefer to cloak my autobiographical statements in veils of fiction, in pretty words.

But...I do have an announcement. It looks as if I will only be doing one reading/signing to promote The Red Tree. It will be at Pandemonium Books & Games in Boston. Well, technically, it's in Cambridge. 4 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, Mass. And it will be August 6th. I'll post more details when they've been worked out. If you're anywhere in the Providence/Boston area and want to see me do a raeding from The Red Tree, this may be your only chance. Also, note that the store will have my books for sale, but I'll sign anything you bring (no limit). I'll be making an appearance in NYC in October, but that's to support Ellen Datlow's Lovecraft Unbound anthology.

Oh, and T-shirts are probably a go, but I think we're nixing the sticker idea. Details TBA. Meanwhile, if you want to help promote the novel, there are two things you can do (aside from buying multiple copies of The Red Tree): 1) print out and distribute copies of the flier that you can download at the website. Just click "Feed the Tree." 2) Spread the URL for the website everywhere. Repost it in your own blog, LJ, on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, any place at all. Write it on a bathroom wall. Every single copy sold is a victory. Thank you. Spread the word. Feed the Tree.

The current round of eBay auctions is almost over. But it's not too late to bid on three of the items.

Last night, we watched the director cut of Zack Snyder's adaptation of Watchmen, and I liked it even more than the theatrical cut (which, you may recall, I loved almost unconditionally). So, that was a bright spot in the grey smudge of yesterday. Well, a grimly bright spot. True, I'd have been happier if we'd seen more of Silhouette, but there you go.

And now it's time to answer questions....
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