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The Red Tree, Live

This will likely be my last chance to make a blog entry before ReaderCon. I have a 4 p.m. panel, which means we need to leave the house around 1 p.m. I feel like I haven't stopped moving all day, and I think Spooky's done twice as much as me. Anyway...

Thanks in large part to scarletboi, the CRK website has been revamped for The Red Tree. Please do note that the video clip that's up now is not one of the two planned book trailers. Those will come later. Meanwhile, these short clips will be changing every few days.

Please, please feel free to post about the website redesign in your own LJs, Facebook accounts, Twitter, or wherever. Every little bit helps. Every single copy of the book that sells helps (and pre-orders are especially important). Spread the word. I will be very grateful.

There's actually a lot I wish I had time to blog about, such as the discovery of a wonderful new armored, terrestrial crocodylomorph that has been dubbed Armadillosuchus arrudai, from the Cretaceous of Brazil. Awesome beast. And lots of other stuff. But there's still packing to be done.

Hope to see you at ReaderCon, and please do have a look at the new website. Okay, I gotta go. The platypus is wailing, "No sleep 'til Burlington!" at the top of hisherits voice, and, soon, the neighbors will begin to complain.
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