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Waking the Witch

So...thank fuck I slept last night. Otherwise, I am quite certain I would now number among the vast legion of future zombies. Truly, yesterday was one of the most inutterably awful days in recent memory, between the sleep deprivation and being so loaded up on hypnotics and rushing to get ready for ReaderCon and running errands and all the rain. Awful, awful day. But last night I slept, goddamn it. About 2:15 a.m., I lay down and shut off the lights, put Pitch Black in the iBook, and slept more than eight hours. Sure, I dreamt of earthquakes and tsunamis, but who cares. I slept.

I'd write about yesterday, but what I can recall mostly doesn't bear repeating, or I'm simply too ashamed to repeat it. Either way, a crappy day. But now it's done, and we move on. Except, I will say that Spooky is a saint for not murdering me yesterday.

Probably the most eventful thing was having to drive down to South County (in a torrential fucking rainstorm,) to check on the farm for Spooky's parents. On the way, we stopped for energy drinks, as we were both only just barely awake. Only, surprise, no Red Bull. So, we made the mistake of trying (it's hard to type this without gagging) Sobe Monster. I didn't think it would be bad. I used to love Sobe Adrenaline, and various other Sobe drinks. But it was unspeakable. Like...I don't know. The juice of rancid bananas and pineapples that had been impregnated with high-fructose corn syrup and then carbonated. Plus, there was 16 ounces of the shit, which seemed completely unnecessary. Really, I've tasted a lot of nasty in my day, but I think that can of Monster set a new standard. I did get it all down, and it did keep me moving. But never, ever, ever again. Red Bull, please. There is photographic evidence of my idiocy behind the cut:

Taste the Nasty®

Oh, and I read "An Enigmatic New Lambeosaurine Hadrosaur (Reptilia: Dinosauria) from the Upper Shale Member of the Campanian Aguja Formation of Trans-Pecos Texas," a weird beast named Angulomastacator daviesi, known thus far only from its boomerang-shaped maxilla bone.

Just heard that Los Angeles spent $1.4 million on Michael Jackson's Memorial thingy. This is the sort of crap that sparks revolt. Well, in sane places, this is the sort of crap that sparks revolt. I will say, it makes Providence having spent $14k on barges from which to launch 4th of July fireworks (when the public libraries can't afford to order new books) seem somewhat less abominable. But only by comparison.

My thanks to Chris (scarletboi), who's getting a new front page for my website up and running, to promote The Red Tree. I think it will be going live within the next day or so. I think. I'll post something here as soon as it does. The new website will gradually become a very dynamic sort of thing, and hopefully it actually will help to promote the new novel (and everything else). By autumn, I hope to be the proud owner of a website that looks like it was created this century.

I will not have any sort of connectivity while at ReaderCon, which is mostly a good thing. So, after tonight, I'll be silent until Sunday night or Monday morning, and that includes my Facebook and my Twitter accounts. My cellphone was new in 2004, and screams at the mention of Facebook and Twitter. Also, I'm going halt the micro-excerpts from The Red Tree until Monday. For those of you attending ReaderCon (many of whom are probably already on their way or have already arrived), I do ask that you please respect my desire not to be photographed. This does not apply to crowd shots, or when I'm doing panels with other guests, obviously. Just the solo presentation stuff, the signing on Saturday, and the reading on Sunday. Thanks.

Okay. Herr Platypus says I'm burning daylight, which seems both obvious and redundant to me...
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