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and then...

I haven't read back over the paragraph that I wrote yesterday. I'm not sure that I will, at least not today. I may just begin again. Yesterday, my head was not where it needed to be to deal with the beginning of Daughter of Hounds. It isn't there today, either, but maybe it will be tomorrow. I keep seeing this book as four or five strands of yarn, held apart at the start, leading away into the distance, and as they go, they tangle and intertwine, becoming increasing relevant to one another, and finally vanishing into darkness. The darkness represents all that I don't yet understand about the book, and THE END lies on the other side of that darkness. That's how I see the architecture of this story. It's sort of frightening, imagining the book that way. It keeps threatening to lock me up. "Prolegomena" will be the setting forth of each strand as a thing unto itself, each individual prolegomenon for each strand of the story.

The business with the Locus review of The Dry Salvages was resolved last night. It's neither the best nor the worst review I've ever received. I may post it here, later. I'm just grateful the whole thing didn't drag on forever, as I feared it would. I am sort of amazed and annoyed at how bent out of shape I get about reviews published in trade and genre magazines that neither I nor the majority of my readers read. It's Kirkus Syndrome, and it's very damn silly.

This frelling cough is trying to kill me, I kid you not.

Neil called about an hour ago, somewhere on the road. It was a very bad connection. I think I heard more static than I heard Neil.

Kindernacht last night. We rented two films I'd never heard of and for which I had absolutely no expectations. Close You Eyes (aka, Doctor Sleep, 2002; directed by Nick Willing) was a so-so sort of occult thriller with a few chilling moments. Death and the Compass (1992, directed by Alex Cox) was an utterly baffling, notably dull adaptation of a Borges story. I expect more from Alex Cox, and I find myself unable to recommend either film. Afterwards, I played Armed and Dangerous until three a.m.

I'm fighting the urge to get drunk and see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow again. Right now, that's the best thing I can imagine doing with today.

But I fear there are things I probably need to do, instead. Crap. Sometimes, I really miss the long-lost irresponsibility of my youth.
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