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I think there should be some sort of automated lockout, so that people who've not slept for seventeen hours (after hardly sleeping the previous night) would be unable to post to the internet.

I lay in bed for hours. All the Ambien alone, without the Valium, and without the anti-seizure meds, should be putting me out. But my mind keeps grinding at a thousand interlocking, ever-shifting problems.

No sleep.

The sun has risen. So much less night here than in Atlanta. In the summer, it seems Providence gets hardly any night at all.

I took two photos, a few moments ago. Is this proof of something? Am I trying to communicate something? I have no idea.

My office. This one really gives a pretty good idea of what the inside of my head feels like.

Sunrises over a wet and cloudy Providence, from the front parlor windows.

A plane passing overhead.

I have so much to do in the next five days. How I will do it in this state is beyond me. I am well and truly delirious.
Tags: insomnia

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