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Entry #2,205

A bright summer day here in Providence, 73F, and the humidity all the way down to 44%. We seem to have survived the cannonade of illegal fireworks. No word yet if the barges the city rented for Providence's official fireworks display also survived, or if they're now resting at the bottom of Narragansett Bay. I have to admit, in a state that's struggling to keep its public libraries open, spending $14,700 to rent barges for a fireworks display might be evidence of questionable priorities (the city spent a total of approximately $41,000 on last night's celebration).


Yesterday, I wrote a very respectable 1,541 words on "The Sea Troll's Daughter" and reached THE END. Today, I'll be proofreading and polishing, and this evening I'll send the story away to my editor, who I hope will love it.

Still waiting for my full schedule for ReaderCon 20, as are all the other guests. I do know that I'm booked solid on Friday evening (July 10th), from 5-8 p.m. I'll post the full schedule as soon as I have it.

The manuscript for The Ammonite Violin & Others (coming in 2010 from subpress) is sitting here, reminding me it needs to be proofed. Maybe I'll get started on that after the convention.

July is actually looking slightly less hectic than was June. I have to write Sirenia Digest #44, and get the book trailers done, and there's ReaderCon. That's plenty, but it still seems better than the last few months. I may actually have time in July to venture Outside on a regular basis. Also, I think the next novel, the one after the new novel (The Red Tree; pre-order now) is starting to take shape. Admittedly, a very vague shape, but it's a relief, nonetheless.

Today, I'll be twatting micro-excerpt #14 from The Red Tree, at greygirlbeast. Did I mention pre-orders?

And now I'm off to Finishing Touches Land, my platypus and dodo and Spooky in tow.
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