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perhaps not

I wrote a few dingy sentences. I doubt I'll keep any of them, but, for the moment, they are resting under the heading of "Prolegomena," a possible beginning to Daughter of Hounds. I "typed" a title page, as well. So I can at least claim the book was begun on October 1st, and it will only be sort of not the truth. Let me rephrase that: It's not not true.

No word yet on the Locus review, the unseen one that has so derailed the day, except conformation that the review is, indeed, appearing in the October issue. Were I better at this, I would be feeling only anticipation, curiousity, perhaps a slight touch of nerves. But I am not better at this. Still, I have to not allow it to derail the weekend and then the week that follows.

Oh. And, because I forgot earlier, Happy Halloween the 1st.

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